Music Technology

at River Hill High School


This is the Music Technology lab at River Hill High School in Clarksville, MD.  The lab is part of a thriving and exciting music department at the school, and it is the place where students can learn about the uses of technology within the music field.  The courses we teach in the lab are designed for musicians and non-musicians alike - students in the performance programs learn to enhance their 21st Century skills here, and those not in performance groups can learn how to enrich their lives and education through the combination of music with technology.  We host classes in Music Technology (recording, sequencing, sound design) as well as classes in Guitar, Keyboard and Music Theory (including musicianship and ear training) using the 25 iMac stations.  The Director of Music Technology is Richard McCready.  Mr. McCready teaches classes in basic and advanced level Music Technology, as well as advanced level Guitar.  Other staff are M. Joseph Fischer, who designed and built the lab, Amy Hairston who teaches Keyboard and basic level Guitar, and Mike Blackman who teaches AP Music Theory.

You’ve got to always remember the name of the game is “What does it sound like?” 

That’s always the end result.  I don’t care if you’ve got 90 tracks - “what does it sound like?”

             - Ray Charles