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The white bags that we will not stop holding this summer

Definitely, the classic white bag – τσάντες γυναικείες – has a very special place in your heart and wardrobe. Of course, we can understand you completely, white and black bags fit everything and are ideal for any time of the day and any occasion. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the only ones that combine so easily.

The closer we get to summer and dream of the moments when we can leave the house without having to be informed first with a message, the more we think about all the looks we will create. In fact, this summer, it is definitely worth keeping your favourite black bag in the closet and replacing it with one in white. This way your summer outfits will get more shine and light, while the white colour works just like the black one. Fits everything. So you won’t have to think much about it as a white bag will match your every look.

Fortunately for you and all of us, you can already find in e-shops a wide variety of white bags in every size and style, so you can choose your favourite for the new season.


The ways to wear your white bag all year round

Carrying a white bag in the spring or summer is easy and comfortable. Wearing it in autumn or winter for many persons is something unusual and strange. If you still questioning what you should or should you not carry a white bag, we have good news for you!

This traditional fashion rule went out of fashion itself. You can wear your lovely white bag all year long! 

Pick the right material

Sometimes materials contrast more than the colour itself. So, while a canvas or a straw bag would look odd if matched with wool coats and over-the-knee boots, a leather bag looks astonishing in any season and any match.

The white on white combo

It is often underestimated, but an all-white look is an excellent option to lighten up the dark wintertime days. It looks classy and fresh. But how to make it exciting? Just play with senses: try to mix smooth leather with a grainy one, to wear leather on leather, or to pair it with a chunky knit or a suede jacket. A mix of textures, even if they are all in one colour, will add volume and structure to the outfit.

Add some bursts of colour

Aren’t you feeling ready for a total white look? Make it your own by combining some bursts of colour. They will add character and freshness to a monochromatic appearance. Try playing with full colours, like coral or lime, for a fresh street style. Or with pastel tones, like mint or powder pink, for a romantic look.


Play with neutrals

Or, if you want to stay classy, you can pair a white bag with neutral colours: they make any look clean, polished and elegant. You can wear your white bag with beige and cream tones for a super classy, timeless look that is perfect all day long. Need an idea? Wear a camel coat with match pumps and sweater, and pair them with white trousers and a white bag.

Go for a classic black and white

Black and white is a classic and timeless colour combo. Any iconic designereponimes evropaikes tsantes used it: from Chanel – who made of black and white her signature – to Dior, to Yves Saint Laurent. So wearing a black and white combo is always a good idea: try to balance colours to put the focus on your favourite piece of clothing or part of the body considering that the eye will follow the white. The top styling? Create a total black look and accessories it with white accessories for a stunning, modern yet timeless look.

Make it a statement piece

Adding your white bag in a monochromatic or neutral look will make the bag stand out in such an incredible, fashionable way. Try to wear it with a navy dress and boots for fall or with a monochromatic pink tweed look for winter.

Try the perfect match

You can go for a perfect match, by pairing your white bag with the super-fashionable white boots or with white sneakers. This kind of look works great in this transitional period, between summer and fall: try to wear these white accessories with a floral midi dress for a boho-chic look, or pair them with jeans and cosy sweater for a stylish city look.


What Your Bag Colour Tells about You

It is anything but a mystery that individual style is an approach to convey what our identity is. What’s more, the most impressive styling apparatuses we can use to impart are hues. Simply consider a basic minimal dress: OK have a similar impression of a lady wearing a dark one and another wearing a yellow one? This is genuine likewise for sacks, so today we’d prefer to converse with you about how to structure the ideal bag to impart what your identity is. 

Red: for enthusiastic and tough ladies 

How about we start with an extremely famous shading: red. Red is the eye-getting shading second to none: it’s the shade of want, enthusiasm, love. It imparts a solid character, and administration will, and it is ideal for a goal-oriented, decided lady just as for a sexy one. On the off chance that you love life and you face its difficulties without losing your appeal, a red pack is ideal for you! 

Yellow: for a glad and energetic lady 

Yellow is the shade of daylight: perhaps this is the motivation behind why it conveys so much bliss, vitality, sparkle, excitement. A lady with a yellow sack resembles a glad, fun-loving and certain lady. it is likewise connected with picking up, having thoughts and taking choices: so it is great in the event that you are an innovative soul or for an understudy! 

Green: for a characteristic and well off lady 

Green has two principle implications: it is related to nature and the earth just as with cash and riches. It conveys success, large love for nature, creatures, family, companions, and home, yet additionally that you are confident and that you deal with yourself to develop. 

Blue: for a dependable and quiet lady 

Blue is an exceptionally adaptable shading: it will make you look informative, steadfast, reliable, yet it is likewise connected with power; it is quiet and serene, yet it additionally moves sentiments of honesty and duty. Every one of these characteristics makes it the ideal shading for a specialist’s sack: you will transmit security and trust, and this is flawless when you’re managing clients and partners. 

Purple: for an otherworldly and puzzling lady 

Purple and violet are related to sovereignty and honourability, yet additionally with otherworldliness and riddle. Picked a dim purple to impart mindfulness and energy for extravagance, or lean toward lavender and lilac shades on the off chance that you feel increasingly ladylike, nostalgic, reflexive. Pink, as a light shade of purple, can be identified with womanliness, sentimentalism, and sentimentalism as well. 

Brown: for a basic and genuine lady 

Brown coloured is related to earth and nature: this is the reason it rouses genuineness and reliability. A lady that wears earthy coloured resembles a basic and certifiable lady that trust in fundamental things, similar to loved ones, that has an extraordinary feeling of obligation and duty. 

Black: for an advanced lady 

Advanced, formal, lavish, amazing: dark is the shading for a rich, certain lady. Notwithstanding what individuals frequently think, dark is particular and paramount: a lady with a dark bag must be paid attention to. You can combine it with different hues to make them stick out and to add a pinch of certainty to any look. 

White: for a moderate and ethereal lady 

White is the shade of immaculateness and blamelessness. A white bag imparts cleaning, flawlessness, straightforwardness, and it likewise rouses development, transparency, and innovativeness. Wear it in the event that you need a touch of motivation, or on the off chance that you need to revive your existence with a negligible touch. 

Multicolour: for the liberal and innovative lady 

In the event that you need to play with your look, to have a ton of fun, to convey you are an adaptable, liberal, innovative lady, plan a multicolour pack and wear it gladly! Multicolour demonstrates assortment, and it adds a daring decision: so the individual who wears a one of a kind, the vivid pack will look valiant and adaptable as well.

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