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10 Awesome Things About Lesbian Sex Nobody Tells You

“Oh, lesbian sex is most likely so good due to the fact that you inherently recognize each other’s BODIES better, right?” Read below 10 awesome things about lesbian sex that nobody tells you about! Ask escorts Athens they can guide you better!

I remember hearing a woman ask another lady this in a midtown Manhattan cafe when I was a little kid. I was maybe 10 years old, but I totally obtained what she was saying as well as completely agreed, calmly, in my head.

” Oh, lesbians have the most effective sex since females don’t just pound into other women like goddamn guys do!” I listened to on a lesbian sex panel that I somehow attended at an LGTBQ+ convention in high school.

I was in the “Gay Straight Alliance” back then, as well as we took a day trip to a liberal arts university for the occasion. I wasn’t “out” yet, simply an excitable “ally” to my queer bros and sis.

” Lesbians have REALLY great sex since they’re extra psychologically attached to every other,” I read in a lesbian romance story when I got on holiday in Cape Cod the summertime of 2002.

I had actually simply kissed a girl for the very first time as well as was pretty sure I was gay however didn’t dare say a word to any person regarding it. I simply reviewed publications as well as enjoyed films regarding women falling for each other.

I mean, don’t all of us hear exactly how amazing lesbian sex is all the time, whether we’re right, gay or anywhere in-between?

So prior to I came out of the huge, beefy wardrobe and also really started having sex with girls IRL, I recognized that the sex would be remarkable.

And also it had not been just because I was hot for females. People constantly talked about how much lesbians understood each others bodies on this actually profound level, and just how they understood just how to tease each other which the deeper emotional link they shared produced even more powerful sex.

I anticipated all of those things to be real

Yet there were additionally some really, really unexpectedly amazing points that featured lesbian sex that I had not been planned for. Shocking points I couldn’t have actually thought up.

Here are a couple of:

1. How comfy it is to sleep on boobs after sex?

There is absolutely nothing even more comfy to sleep on than boobs. Boobs are these cushion-y wondrous points, so calming and also soft that they will actually rock you carefully to sleep.

I can not visualize how awkward it needs to be to sleep on a male’s hirsute breast, now that I’ve experienced the magnificence of sleeping on boobs. Specifically after sex. A snooze on boobs after sex is the very best snooze of your life.

A nap on boobs after sex is the best nap of your life.

2. A band on is always hard

I really feel really negative for men as well as their erection issues. I can’t think of just how much pressure it would be to have a cock, and also need to bother with it NOT getting hard since you have performance stress and anxiety or you’re intoxicated.

Personally speaking, I have a lots of anxiousness and am typically intoxicated, so if I had a prick, my sex life wouldn’t be looking as well warm.

When you’re dealing with a strap on, you never need to bother with the dildo getting soft. You can always have penis confidence since it’s never mosting likely to fail you and also obtain soft or pre-ejaculate.

It’s constantly hard. And that’s a beautiful point.

3. You can buy your optimal size penis at a shop

Everybody ladies are designed differently and also like size and size.

For straight couples, that’s an actually challenging point to browse. What if you manage excellent however he just doesn’t fit you right? Suppose he’s as well little? What happens if he’s worried because he understands he’s little however he enjoys you?

GOD, it’s SO COMPLICATED. I can not picture how much therapy I would certainly require if I were a person worrying about my dimension.

Nonetheless, lesbians can simply buy the size they such as at the shop. We can literally shop for the “dick” that fits us.

Plus, we do not have to deal with spheres, as well as we can buy really quite pastel ones also. We don’t have to manage gross blood vessels or rancid smells.

As well as regardless of just how much sex we have, there will always be a vibrator big enough to please our requirements.

4. There are a lot of different means to have sex

Sex isn’t just penetration, embedded as well as projected. We take into consideration sex many points: dental, band ons, fingers, fisting, scissoring, 69ing– the possibilities are unlimited, are as our climaxes.

The possibilities are endless, as are our climaxes.

5. Slut shaming doesn’t exist

You will certainly never ever, ever have to stress over being slut shamed again when you cross over to the dark, Sapphic side of life. I imply, what is a lady going to do? Scream “You whore! You fucked me on the first date!”?

Due to the fact that you can just turn your pretty little head around as well as scream back “NO, girl. You’re the slut that fucked me on the very first day.”

It takes 2 to come down and dirty, and we don’t have fuckboys controlling the sex scene, foretelling as well as making women feel ashamed for being sex-related creatures.

Plus, lesbians do not truly think in the terms of slut, anyway. Our minds aren’t wired like that.

Actually, if you’re a lesbian who sleeps with a great deal of people, you’re not going to get a negative track record like you would in hetero world. There is an overlooked regard degree that women have for each other, and also we appreciate a regional lesbian with a high sex drive.

Yeah, girl. Be sex-related in this miserable globe.

6. Sex flows far better when you’re relatively the same size

Every lady I’ve ever before dated has been within at the very least 3 inches taller or shorter than me.

I see 6-foot high males walking around with 5-foot females, as well as I can not aid but wheeze and also believe, “How does that also work when you’re making love?”

I indicate, when there is THAT MUCH of a height difference between you 2, just how do you also have sex? Exactly how do you initiate a goddamn kiss with somebody who is a foot taller than you? Do you need to get on a feces?

Not surprising that straight ladies love their heels so much (which I take place to like too, however not only since I believe they’re attractive).

When you’re reasonably the very same size, sex just moves far better. Our arm or legs match up. I can wrap my legs around a woman and they actually fit around her midsection.

I’ve never needed to sporting activity stilts to kiss a female. We just fold right into each other flawlessly.

7. Your vaginal canal won’t get scratched up by a beard

I’m sorry, yet beards are painful AF. All that wiry hair will certainly damage a girl up in her most fragile components (I.E.: VAGINA).

Nevertheless, a woman’s lips are soft and so is her skin. So when she’s up close and also personal with you, venturing midtown, it’s simply going to seem like soft lushness on your girl bits, compared to needy stubble.

8. Women comprehend the art of foreplay

Male get so thrilled when they’re around a naked female, their erections get the better of them and also they just carelessly catch a lady, as well as BAM. The entire thing is over in 10 minutes.

Females, nonetheless, like to get heated up. Females understand that foreplay is vital to sex. You require to pre-heat the stove before you can eat the cupcake, infant.

9. Ladies can go on forever and ever as well as ever before

Male orgasm, and that’s it. They’re invested. They usually pass out as well as drool on the pillow.

Ladies or Greek escorts, on the other hand, can have multiple orgasms.

We can cum and cum once again. And also once again. I’ve shed days to sex. And given that sex is my favoured thing to do in this terrible, chilly, world– I’m OKAY keeping that.

Actually, I’m more than OK with that said. I’m hugely pleased regarding that.

10. Dampness galore

I won’t get involved in way too much detail, yet think of it such as this: You’re damp, she’s wet as well as when that moisture integrates, it’s really, actually wet.

As well as moisture and also sex go wonderfully with each other, don’t they, kitten?

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