What to see in Santorini this summer

Find Santorinitours.org at Emporio 847 03, call us on 694 457 7918 and book Santorini tours. The beauty and uniqueness of Santorini is definitely non-negotiable. But it could be considered the most beautiful island in the world since almost every year you find it at the top of a list of international travel magazines and sites.

What to see in Santorini

It’s time for the most beautiful spots in Santorini. What is more worth seeing and the most instagram spots of the island.

Oia Castle – Sunset

Of course first on my list would be the sunset in Oia. The island is also famous for the most beautiful sunset in the world. The best place to enjoy it is at the Castle of Oia.

Caution! Every day thousands of people arrive to see the sunset. If you want to get a good spot you have to go quite early. The view really takes your breath away.

Castle Oia Houses

One of the most photographed spots in Oia. It is located under the Castle of Oia.


Oia, the first settlement to be classified as preserved (1976), is without a doubt one of the most photographed places in Greece. Its sunset has been a source of inspiration for inexperienced artists, while its alleys act like magnets that invite you to get lost in their well-hidden secrets.

Oia, which is about 40 minutes drive from Fira, will enchant you because it is truly irresistible. The main road divides it into two areas: one, towards the caldera, has impressive cave buildings, the other is decorated with captains’ houses.


At a distance of 12 km from Oia, the ever-bustling Fira, the capital of Santorini, is one of the must-see stops on the island.

At a distance of about 260 meters from the surface of the sea, they seem to have put on their whites and climbed the cliff, to provoke the admiration of every visitor. The unique position of Fira in the caldera offers a breathtaking view of Nea and Palaia Kameni.


You can reach Firostefani from Fira, following the “eyebrow” of the caldera and covering a distance of about 10 minutes on foot. Firostefani, which has always been the favorite stop of every visitor to the island, owes its name to the fact that it crowns Fira.

The view of the caldera is simply unbeatable, with the cliff so steep that many times your heart will beat faster. In Firostefani you will find several worthwhile suggestions for food, restaurants and taverns whose main characteristic is the relaxing atmosphere.

Three Domes of Santorini

Another instagram spot in Oia is this spot. You must have seen pictures of this place on social media. The truth is that entry is mainly prohibited, as it is in a private area.

You will also find many tourists waiting to be photographed there.

Tip: If you want to have more chances to find the place empty, go before 8 am. I actually went somewhere around 6:30.


Do not miss to visit Akrotiri, perhaps the most important archaeological site of the Cyclades. The prehistoric settlement of Akrotiri dates back to the Late Neolithic Period, it is considered the most important center of the Minoan civilization after Crete and was destroyed sometime in the 17th century BC, by the great eruption of the Santorini volcano, known worldwide as the “Minoan Eruption”.

Houses, two- and three-story buildings, artifacts and works of art of that time are preserved in very good condition and are a unique sight for amazed visitors.


Imerovigli occupies the most privileged position and has the most breathtaking view of the caldera and Thirasia.

It is famous for the most luxurious hotels that offer their guests a “natural balcony” on the caldera, peaceful atmosphere and super relaxing scenery.


You can reach Ammoudi, a picturesque port that is a must see in Santorini, by going down the 214 steps that separate it from Oia.

The 19th century commercial port today mainly welcomes seafood lovers who want to enjoy fresh fish and seafood.


A jewel village, pole of attraction for thousands of visitors every year, who are looking for tranquility, natural beauty and quality in everything.

Pyrgos, which is about 5-10 minutes by car from Fira, is definitely the most beloved village on the island. In 1800 it was the capital of Santorini, while today it manages, through the impressive architecture, the curves and the beautiful alleys, the whitewashed narrows and the endless little churches with the “painters” domes, to keep unchanged the glamor of the past.

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glass fire doors - γυάλινες πόρτες πυρασφαλείας

5 ways to make glass fire doors more secure

Who does not like glass fire doors – γυάλινες πόρτες πυρασφαλείας and glass frames?

They create a sense of simplicity indoors and allow natural light to enter the house while at the same time they are very elegant and offer easy access to the outdoors.

Many people are afraid of burglary because they do not know how safe glass fire doors are.

So they try to find ways to make their glass fire doors – γυάλινες πόρτες πυρασφαλείας as safe as possible.

See some tips to ensure the security of your home and make your glass fire doors – γυάλινες πόρτες πυρασφαλείας inviolable!

1. Use tempered glass

The tempered glass can withstand more than 10,000 PSI

From the aluminum frames, the glass fire doors – γυάλινες πόρτες πυρασφαλείας are usually the favorite choice for our access to the garden or the balcony.

But what if an intruder breaks the glass?

You can easily avoid this by reinforcing the glass fire doors – γυάλινες πόρτες πυρασφαλείας with safety glazing.

One option is tempered glass (tempered / security) which has fairly high impact resistance and when broken breaks into small harmless pieces.

Another option is the laminated glass, known as triplex that offers improved safety as it breaks hard and stays in place without breaking in case of breakage, thanks to the intermediate polyvinyl butyl film they have.

Finally, there are anti-vandal glass cleaners, which provide a very high level of protection.

2. External security

Usually when we talk about glass fire doors – γυάλινες πόρτες πυρασφαλείας that need enhanced security, they are doors that connect the exterior with the interior.

Therefore, if we assume that this is the case, then for extra security in the glass fire doors can be placed external aluminum shutters, which can be mounted or even folding safety railings.

3. Cover the glass

Another way to add extra security to your fire door – γυάλινες πόρτες πυρασφαλείας sill is to ensure that a would-be offender will not be able to see into your home.

Increasing your privacy thus definitely reduces the chances of someone breaking into you as they will not be able to monitor the movements in your home.

Choose sandblasted or matte glass so that light enters your space, but there is no visibility from outside to inside and vice versa.

glass fire doors - γυάλινες πόρτες πυρασφαλείας
glass fire doors – γυάλινες πόρτες πυρασφαλείας

4. Security lock

A very simple solution is also to install a security lock on your glass fire doors – γυάλινες πόρτες πυρασφαλείας for extra security.

There are special products that are very easy to use, which can be added to the frames and increase their safety.

5. Set an alarm

Another solution to make your glass fire doors – γυάλινες πόρτες πυρασφαλείας more secure is to install a specialized alarm system.

These devices detect any attempt to breach your door and the alarm goes off by activating the alarm siren and sending a signal to the 24-hour Signal Center.


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Live updates: Coronavirus cases top 125,000 globally

Covid-19 vaccines: The unused “miracle”

But by February, when seniors have been being vaccinated in better numbers, the division begun to erase names of the facilities from these outbreak lists. “It was kind of a quite obvious wonder,” Dr. Louise Aronson, a professor with the UCSF Division of Geriatrics, instructed CNN.

These “miracles” were being actively playing out across the nation this spring, according to a report released Tuesday by the US Division of Health and fitness and Human Products and services, which found that vaccinations prevented at least a quarter of a million Covid-19 bacterial infections and tens of countless numbers of deaths amid seniors concerning January and Could of this 12 months.

It is a tragic milestone fueled by the very transmissible Delta variant and unvaccinated folks. In July, authorities warned of the “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” with outbreaks largely witnessed in components of the country with minimal vaccine uptake.

“We’ve missing 700,000 Individuals now and entirely 200,000 of all those individuals have died due to the fact vaccines have been offered nearly to all people in this region, and each and every a person of all those fatalities is unnecessary,” CNN medical analyst Dr. Jonathan Reiner said. “So even nevertheless the news is good for this antiviral agent, definitely the concept that individuals require to obtain is ‘get vaccinated.’ No a single wants to die from this virus.”

Preventable Covid-19 fatalities of little ones is also an shame for a developed country, the US Food and Drug Administration’s (Food and drug administration) best vaccine formal, Dr. Peter Marks, reported Tuesday, including that it must also be a enthusiasm for authorizing a vaccine in small children.

Vaccines are only available to youngsters as younger as 12. That may possibly quickly transform after the FDA’s vaccine advisers meet up with on Oct 26 to explore data from Pfizer’s vaccine trial amid children aged 5 to 11. Nevertheless, parental hesitancy may possibly show to be an obstacle, as only a 3rd of individuals surveyed by Kaiser Relatives Basis Vaccine Observe claimed they would give their boy or girl a jab.


Q: What would an antiviral capsule signify for the struggle versus Covid-19?

A: Early final results for an experimental oral antiviral drug by Merck and Ridgeback Biotherapeutics, named molnupiravir, observed that it can minimize the danger of hospitalization or loss of life from Covid-19 by half. Merck claims it will request authorization from the Fda, and if it really is granted, the drug could be the initially antiviral therapy accessible orally to fight the sickness.

White Household Covid-19 Reaction Coordinator Jeff Zients claimed in a briefing previous 7 days that the finest way to consider of molnupiravir is as “a likely further instrument … to shield people today from the worst results of Covid” but he extra that vaccination “stays much and absent, our greatest tool versus Covid-19.”

Whilst the prospect of a capsule to prevent intense results of Covid-19 is an thrilling breakthrough in treating the virus, there is even now much to understand about the drug and who it may perform for. Entire info from the molnupiravir demo is nonetheless to be produced, and this info has not been scrutinized, peer-reviewed or posted.

Ship your questions here. Are you a wellbeing care worker fighting Covid-19? Information us on WhatsApp about the worries you happen to be dealing with: +1 347-322-0415.


Anger in excess of United kingdom quarantine rules for absolutely vaccinated vacationers from India and a great deal of Africa

Totally vaccinated vacationers from India and many African nations will deal with necessary quarantine in the United kingdom, irrespective of a rest of the country’s inbound travel guidelines. This has brought about an outcry and accusations of discrimination, CNN’s Nimi Princewill stories.

The update to Uk travel principles took outcome Oct 4 and visitors from its “purple checklist” of “significant hazard” countries — like India, much more than 20 African nations and most Latin American nations — now have to quarantine in a resort for 10 days inspite of becoming fully vaccinated. South Africa’s minister of worldwide relations and cooperation, Naledi Pandor, described it as “a political punishment.”

This will come as India’s top rated court docket on Monday accepted the government’s choice to pay out about $670 for every single Covid-19 death in the country as compensation to the future of kin of all those deceased. The payments will total more than $300 million, centered on India’s recent loss of life toll, according to CNN’s calculation.

New Zealand is set to abandon its zero-Covid approach

New Zealand’s Key Minister Jacinda Ardern introduced Monday that the place will commence to go away from a zero-Covid system, towards residing with the virus. While she has but to announce a date for the shift, New Zealand is the most current country to announce an abandonment of elimination tries in the encounter of the extremely contagious Delta variant, CNN’s Ben Westcott stories.

This arrives soon after a main outbreak in August, sparked by the Delta strain, plunged the town of Auckland into a lengthy lockdown. And even with the metropolis enduring additional than 6 weeks of constraints on motion, New Zealand nonetheless described 24 new cases in the local community on Tuesday — the the greater part in Auckland.

Ardern admitted Monday the virus was “a tentacle that has been very tricky to shake.”

Thousands of Brazilians demand from customers President Bolsonaro’s impeachment over his mishandling of the pandemic

Protesters returned to the streets in big cities across Brazil past weekend, demanding the impeachment of President Jair Bolsonaro amid worsening financial problems, mounting unemployment, and hunger in the Covid-wracked region.

Hundreds of people collected in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro — Brazil’s most populous cities — contacting out his mishandling of the Covid-19 pandemic. They also protested economic woes hitting everyday Brazilians many thanks to surging inflation and superior fuel charges. Brazil continues to be hit tough by the pandemic and virtually 600,000 Brazilians have died from the virus — the optimum demise toll in the globe following the United States.

Top Idea

Are there any downsides to acquiring the booster shot?

Data from Israel, the place there has been an in depth booster application, displays that the aspect effects from the 3rd dose are comparable to those people from the 2nd dose. The most popular side consequences are local reactions like a sore arm and limited-time period indicators like achiness, exhaustion and chills that are settled within a few of days, mentioned CNN Healthcare Analyst Dr. Leana Wen.

“The 1 relating to — even though very unusual — aspect influence is myocarditis, an irritation of the heart muscle mass, which seems to have the best incidence amid males of adolescent and younger grownup age. It really is significant to observe that the myocarditis involved with the mRNA vaccines is generally delicate and resolves with no prolonged-expression harm — and that Covid-19 alone can result in myocarditis,” she extra.

Read far more about the booster shot right here.


Rely on is hard to create and all too quick to crack. It truly is the crucial basis for all our associations, and the glue that retains our society collectively. But more than the previous two several years, numerous People in america have missing trust in our governing administration, our healthcare establishment, and just about every other. In this episode, CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta speaks with have confidence in professional Professor Karen Cook dinner about the good reasons for why we trust, how we can foster it, and how we can restore it when it truly is been misplaced. Hear NOW.

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Janaya Future Khan on Fashion as a Mode for Activism

Janaya Future Khan on Fashion as a Mode for Activism

Images Courtesy of COS

“Vogue is artwork, and any artistic expression can be activist in nature.”

Garments is a lot more than what you have on, it is a way to specific on your own artistically, says activist Janaya Foreseeable future Khan. It involves experimentation and producing on your own unpleasant. But when you discover what will make you content, you cultivate a ability that becomes existing in all other factors of your everyday living.

Khan is a storyteller, between other factors. As co-founder of Black Lives Subject Toronto and an international ambassador for the Black Lives Make any difference Community, they are no stranger to difficult discussions. Last yr, immediately after the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the Toronto-born advocate commenced making use of their Instagram as a house to communicate about intricate challenges. Their weekly dwell streams, dubbed “Sunday Sermons,” selection from a lot more personalized matters like self-truly worth and nervousness to commentary on pop culture and political discourse. And throughout an without doubt isolating time, Khan has nurtured an on the net community focused to growth, self-discovery and multi-faceted activism.

As in-human being occasions have picked up all over again, Khan’s influential presence has manifested by itself in physical spaces, way too. Get London-centered present-day manufacturer COS, which enlisted Khan for its Slide/Winter season 2021 campaign and runway display. In retaining with the brand’s laidback aesthetic, the collection highlights loosely-equipped, layered kinds. In an formal launch, COS states its most recent collection is also crafted toward sustainability and circularity, applying repurposed elements and recycled fabrics. Khan’s partnership with the apparel brand name helps make perception — as they tell me, vogue is a manner for activism, and COS’s calm fits represent the space and possibility required to progress the trend planet in a sustainable path.

Images courtesy of COS

As a non-binary human being in the manner industry — which has historically enforced the gender binary — Khan is assisting to break down standard obstacles surrounding garments. When requested if they at any time deal with imposter syndrome, Khan responds, “I determined to stage out of the story I was born into and write my own.” Beneath, Manner speaks with Janaya Upcoming Khan about the intersection of fashion and activism, dressing as a suggests for empowerment, and the future of sustainability.

How has your do the job in trend linked to your function as an activist?

Fashion is art, and any inventive expression can be activist in character. The modern society we stay in involves an adherence to a legendary norm that dictates almost everything from haircuts to outfits to jewelry and sneakers. But vogue pushes towards the limitations of our imagination and invitations us to go after reliable expression that transcends restrictions and embodies the liminal. Growing up, I under no circumstances healthy in. There were instances when it didn’t even sense like my human body was my very own since I was so policed by the world about me. Trend provided the artistic area to establish agency, and company is about preference. Choice is infectious, and this newfound ability informs just about every part of my lifestyle, in particular activism.

How does COS’s assortment align with your personalized design and style?

COS is fluid. Streamlined, elegant and resilient. I can be at a protest, in a studio, or on a phase in anything at all COS tends to make, and this is beautifully aligned with my individual style.

The COS assortment embraces fluidity by way of draped, layered styles and outsized suits. Do you feel that this style of fluidity in apparel is exactly where the manner entire world is headed?

Trend works in the fragile equilibrium of staying in tune with in which the entire world is now and futurists in where by the world will be, usually acting as the curator of society and style together the way. A great deal like the rest of the environment, we are grappling with the rigidity between creativeness and capitalism, glamour and world wide despair, goals and dystopia. Fashion will recycle and upcycle substance. It will digitize as our lives turn out to be additional intertwined with technological know-how. We will have to move over and above speedy vogue and build accessibility alongside sustainability. Oversized matches and layering are a metaphor for space and chance, and that is specifically wherever I see style headed. COS is about fluidity, and that word, like the drinking water it implies, is essential.

Janaya Future Khan on Fashion as a Mode for Activism
Photography Courtesy of COS

In your past Sunday Sermon, you spoke about existentialism and cynicism, especially introduced on by weather change. The style business is notorious for its damaging environmental impression. How do you consider men and women can partake in style when combating this sensation of angst bordering local climate alter?

To are living in a society these types of as ours, and to consider in justice or art, is to be in just about perpetual conflict with the capitalist device that moves us all. As I pointed out earlier, upcycled and recycled materials, digitizing fashion, and marriage ceremony the worlds of accessibility and sustainability are vital, and so are getting some own tips. What has assisted me overcome the consumption bug that fuels angst is inquiring myself queries just before I use buying cart treatment. Will this elevate my wardrobe? Do I see myself sporting this five yrs from now? Do I already have anything at all like this? What fits does it at this time do the job with?

Asking concerns will help to develop intention and pleasure to drive back again from the angst. This are unable to function by itself. We need to have to perform with brands to construct much better infrastructure and policies about environmental impression, and luckily there are several out there prepared to do just that.

What tips do you have for individuals who are battling to obtain clothes that empower them?

Investing time to find what sort of expression offers you pleasure is not frivolous. When I stopped considering of it as basically “clothes” and more as artistic expression, I gave myself permission to examine joy and possibility. It can be challenging when you do not see by yourself out there, so seem for clues. There will hardly ever be the just one perfect sort of model that speaks to you, because there is only a single of you. You’re specific. So get the minor pieces of the points you like finest whenever you are moved and collect them. Ahead of you know it, you will have designed a function of art uniquely your individual. Go into the areas that scare you. As a non-binary individual who is incredibly drawn to masculine expression, I discovered myself putting on a Dries silver sequined skirt the other working day that felt like chainmail. At some level, you let go of the masculine and female and rather get to see the entire.

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Live updates on Frances Haugen's testimony

Live updates on Frances Haugen’s testimony

Fb whistleblower Frances Haugen comprehensive how the social media system could turn out to be a superior setting, expressing it could introduce transparency measures and little frictions, and transfer absent from the “unsafe” engagement-based mostly rating process.

This would recenter the techniques of amplification and is not going to concentrate not on “buying winners or losers in the market of thoughts,” she instructed senators on Tuesday.

“On Twitter, you have to simply click via on a hyperlink before you reshare it. Compact steps like that friction never call for choosing good ideas and undesirable concepts, they just make the platform fewer twitchy, a lot less reactive. Facebook’s internal investigation states each just one of these smaller actions, dramatically decreases misinformation, detest speech and violence-inciting information on the platforms,” Haugen explained.

She advocated for chronologically-purchased content alternatively.

“I’m a solid proponent of chronological ranking, buying by time, with a very little bit of spammed emotion. For the reason that I feel we really don’t want pcs determining what we concentration on, we need to have application that is human-scaled, or individuals have conversations jointly, not pcs facilitating who we get to hear from,” Haugen mentioned.

In addition, she encouraged a privateness-mindful regulatory entire body operating with teachers, researchers and federal government companies to “synthesize requests for data” mainly because now, the social media huge is not obligated to disclose any facts.

“Even data as easy as what integrity techniques exist currently and how nicely do they execute?” she instructed. “Standard actions like transparency would make a substantial big difference.”

What does engagement-dependent rating method necessarily mean?

Facebook, like other platforms, uses algorithms to amplify or raise content material that gets engagement in the kind of likes or shares or responses. In Facebook’s perspective, this allows a consumer “enjoy” their feed, Haugen stated.

“The dangers of engagement-based ranking are that Fb knows that content that elicits an extreme reaction from you is more probably to get a simply click, a comment or reshare,” which aren’t needed for the user’s gain, she extra. “It really is for the reason that they know that other people today will deliver more content if they get the likes and comments and reshares. They prioritize written content in your feed so that you will give little hits of dopamine to your friends so they are going to produce more content.”

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The Simpsons Take Over Balenciaga Runway at Paris Fashion Week

The Simpsons Take Over Balenciaga Runway at Paris Fashion Week

The world’s favourite cartoon spouse and children receives the editorial remedy.

A new supermodel household has emerged, much to the shock of attendees at this year’s Paris Trend 7 days. Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie Simpson, together with other familiar Springfield faces, created their runway debut on Sunday as element of a collaboration involving Balenciaga and The Simpsons for the brand’s Summer season 2022 selection. Opposite to well-known belief, no, this is not an early April Fool’s joke. Celebrity attendees, including Elliot Website page, Naomi Campbell, Cardi B and Offset, were being taken care of to a 10-moment mini-episode of The Simpsons, and it was obvious in seconds that this wasn’t heading to be your normal cartoon romp.

https://www.youtube.com/check out?v=PZHESOq-Gkw

Unquestionably the classiest and most modern episode of the legendary television sequence, the instantly recognizable Simpsons topic was replaced by French classical audio, specifically Erik Satie’s “Gymnopédie No.1,” revealing a snowy Evergreen Terrace residence. The plot follows comparable Simpsons rhythms as Homer has overlooked Marge’s birthday (which comes about to be the identical working day as the Balenciaga show) and decides to obtain one thing from “Balenciagaga,” as he phone calls it, just after looking at his spouse with a trend magazine. Ultimately, inventive director Demna Gvasalia would make a vacation to Springfield and invitations the populace of “America’s most depressing town 10th yr in a row” to Paris to product his most current selection.

Photography courtesy Balenciaga

Of program, hijinks ensue. Marge — now donning a green Balenciaga robe — receives caught in a doorway (blame the outsized shoulder pads) Homer practically faints right after seeing the price tag tag (a whopping £14,000 or about CAD $24,000) Sideshow Bob attempts to suit his clown feet in the brand’s “Speed” sneakers and there are quite a few cases of unexplainable fires.

Nonetheless, the finest jokes are the winks to the vogue industry by itself as The Simpsons playfully jest with Anna Wintour’s unwavering affect, the all-black ensembles of runway demonstrate attendees and the superstar attendees, which includes a cartoon Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and Justin Bieber.

Anna Wintour The Simpsons Balenciaga audience
Pictures Courtesy Balenciaga

Not to be outdone by the cartoon relatives, the immersive pop-society experience that was the Balenciaga clearly show started right before the screening with the pink carpet arrivals, in which guests sporting the new collection paused on the walkway right before staying ushered into the theatre. Canadian Elliot Site donned platform Crocs. Cardi B sported a hat from the designer’s Drop couture collection. And supermodel Naomi Campbell strutted in a monochromatic go well with ensemble.

With a penchant for subverting expectations and conventions — consider denim couture and their new collab with Fornite — the French luxury dwelling has become the ought to-see display of each individual time, attracting an progressively A-checklist audience. The designer regularly keeps the media and celebrity company on their toes, bringing an unpredicted feeling of humour to each and every occasion while generating jaw-dropping outfits.

And although The Simpsons may possibly have stolen the display, celebs posing as designs on the Hollywood-design purple carpet did not disappoint.

In situation you skipped it, here are a couple of of the ideal appears to be from the runway.

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China sent 52 warplanes into Taiwan defense zone on Monday, Taipei says

China sent 52 warplanes into Taiwan defense zone on Monday, Taipei says

The preceding report was posted on Saturday, when 39 Chinese navy planes flew into the zone.
In a assertion, the Taiwanese Defense Ministry mentioned the 52 Chinese aircraft incorporated 34 J-16 fighter jets, 12 H-6 bombers, two SU-30 fighters, two Y-8 anti/submarine warfare planes and two KJ-500 airborne early warning and command planes.

A map produced by the ministry showed all the 52 incursions remaining at the extreme southwestern part of Taiwan’s ADIZ. In reaction, the ministry stated radio warnings were issued and air defense missile devices were deployed to watch the action.

In the radio warnings, the Taiwanese air force could be heard purchasing the plane to “convert around and go away promptly” upon their entry into its ADIZ. All 52 incursions had been manufactured for the duration of daytime hrs on Monday.

The incursions did not violate Taiwan’s sovereign airspace, which extends 12 nautical miles from its coast. The US Federal Aviation Administration defines an ADIZ as “a designated location of airspace above land or drinking water in which a place requires the quick and constructive identification, location and air site visitors regulate of plane in the desire of the country’s countrywide protection.”

Considering that the commencing of October, Taiwan has documented 145 incursions by Chinese warplanes into the ADIZ, figures from the Protection Ministry confirmed.

Following Taiwan documented document-breaking incursions more than the weekend, its air force released a advertising video clip on Fb which reported it is determined to defend its airspace.

“When confronted with our enemy’s aggression and provocation, we will in no way compromise,” the movie stated. “The dedication to defend our sovereignty is unwavering.”

An write-up in China’s condition-run Global Moments on Sunday explained the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) was conducting “expanded drills” around Taiwan.

The US State Section voiced issue about China’s armed forces things to do close to Taiwan on Monday.

“The United States is pretty worried by the People’s Republic of China’s provocative navy exercise in the vicinity of Taiwan, which is destabilizing, hazards miscalculations, and undermines regional peace and steadiness. We urge Beijing to cease its armed forces, diplomatic, and economic stress and coercion in opposition to Taiwan,” State Section spokesman Ned Selling price reported in a assertion.

China’s Ministry of Overseas Affairs responded to the US statement by criticizing what it explained as “irresponsible remarks.”

“The suitable remarks from the United States have severely undermined the Just one-China Basic principle,” ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying was quoted as expressing in a press launch on Monday evening.

“In modern moments, the United States has continued its detrimental steps in selling weapons to Taiwan and boosting its formal armed forces ties between the United States and Taiwan,” she reported. “These provocative steps have broken Sino-US relations and harmed regional peace and stability. China firmly opposes this and takes vital countermeasures.”

Taiwan and mainland China have been governed independently given that the end of a civil war a lot more than 7 decades back, in which the defeated Nationalists fled to Taipei.

However, Beijing sights Taiwan as an inseparable portion of its territory — even nevertheless the Chinese Communist Occasion has by no means ruled the democratic island of about 24 million men and women.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has refused to rule out armed service power to seize Taiwan if essential.

In the past, analysts have reported the flights possible provide quite a few functions for China, both demonstrating the toughness of the PLA to a domestic audience and offering the Chinese armed service intelligence and capabilities it would have to have in any probable conflict involving Taiwan.

But even with the latest surge in Chinese flights around Taiwan, analysts say precise battle is not likely.

“China needs levers to deter Taiwan from taking undesirable programs of action, particularly independence-leaning initiatives,” explained Lionel Fatton, a professor at Webster College in Switzerland. “For these levers to be powerful, China should (1) have the (armed forces) capabilities to activate them if necessary, and (2) the menace to do so should be credible in the eyes of Taipei.”

“The recurrent air routines are focused to deliver a clear information in this regard,” Fatton advised CNN on Sunday.

“As extensive as Taiwan isn’t going to acquire irreversible steps toward independence/greater autonomous presence on the worldwide scene,” fight is not likely, he additional.

Brad Lendon and Wayne Chang contributed to this report.

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Donté Colley Pandora Campaign + More Fashion News

Donté Colley Pandora Campaign + More Fashion News

Images courtesy of Pandora

As well as Gucci’s 100th birthday celebration at Holt Renfrew Vancouver.

Canadian Dancer Donté Colley Stars in New Pandora ME selection

To relaunch its Pandora ME selection, the jeweller has enlisted Addison Rae, Charli XCX, Beabadoobee, Cecilia Cantarano, and household-developed expertise Donté Colley to star in their new campaign. Gen Z influences abound with special metals, freshwater pearls, and emoji-like motifs, as Pandora plainly took a “more is more” strategy to their styling. If you are looking to include a little sparkle to your move, be certain to examine out these gems, which launched on September 30th.

Michael Kors functions workers in its Enjoy Starvation Stop 2021 marketing campaign

Pictures courtesy of Michael Kors

In a refreshing twist, workers are at the heart of Michael Kors’ latest campaign, Observe Starvation Stop. Motivated by the achievement of very last year’s illustrations or photos, the luxury designer as soon as once more turned to its neighborhood of personnel to star in the brand’s long-running philanthropic initiative in partnership with the United Nations Planet Food Programme (WFP). The distinctive-version apparel, which can be found in the ads, ranges from $30 to $78 and all profits will go to WFP in honour of Planet Food stuff Working day on October 16.

The Gucci 100 pop-up will come to Holt Renfrew Vancouver

Gucci 100
Images courtesy of Gucci

In honour of Gucci’s centennial birthday, the Italian luxurious house is web hosting a celebratory pop-up at Holt Renfrew Vancouver. The Canadian distinctive installation promises to wow as devoted window shows and in-store visuals embrace inventive director Alessandro Michele’s unconventional technique to luxurious trend. With the Gucci 100 collection combining the brand’s penchant for logomania and adore of music, be expecting the pop-up to abide by fit.

Zvelle’s best providing pumps are again and now in suede

Calling all shoeaholics: Zvelle’s best-selling Rayna pumps are back, and this time they occur in suede. Thanks to Canada’s 1st woman finance minister Chrystia Freeland (who wore a pair in the course of her historic budget presentation), the Canadian manufacturer has manufactured its way on to just about every “must-have” record, and it’s quick to see why. Not only do the heels attribute an upside-down heart motif, but the soles are adorned with the empowering message “walk how you want.” Numerous reasons to rejoice, in truth.

DIFF Eyewear’s next Star Wars collab is in this article

No matter whether you are a Jedi, Droid or Sith Lord, there is a pair of sun shades for absolutely everyone in the DIFF Eyewear x Star Wars collaboration. Released on September 29, every pair of sunglasses from the 2. selection embodies an iconic persona from the first trilogy — Darth Vadar, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, C-3PO, Chewbacca and a Stormtrooper — without having venturing also significantly into costume territory. Reward: Every single pair of sunglasses also incorporates a character-themed scenario and cleaning cloth.

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South Korean businesses are getting caught up in the country's gender war

South Korean businesses are getting caught up in the country’s gender war

When gamers created their avatars laugh, talk or give the “Ok” sign in “Misplaced Ark,” they clicked an icon that includes a gesture that may possibly have appeared benign to many: an index finger practically touching a thumb.

But some of “Lost Ark’s” users started boasting in August that the gesture was a sexist insult towards adult males, and they demanded its elimination.

Smilegate — the creator of “Misplaced Ark” and just one of South Korea’s major video clip recreation developers — rapidly complied with the requests for removal. The enterprise taken out the icon from the match, and vowed to be more vigilant about policing “recreation-unrelated controversies” in their products and solutions.

A gender war has been unfolding in South Korea for many years, pitting feminists towards offended youthful adult men who really feel they’re being left guiding as the place seeks to tackle gender inequality.

Now, nevertheless, the latest improvement in this war is reaching a fever pitch. Because Could, more than 20 makes and governing administration organizations have removed what some see as feminist symbols from their merchandise, right after mounting strain. At least 12 of all those makes or corporations have issued an apology to placate male consumers.

Anti-feminism has a yrs-long background in South Korea, and investigation indicates that such sentiments are having hold among the the country’s youthful adult men. In May possibly, the Korean advertising and marketing and analysis company Hankook Analysis said it located that more than 77% of gentlemen in their twenties and more than 73% of gentlemen in their 30s had been “repulsed by feminists or feminism,” according to a study. (The firm surveyed 3,000 grown ups, fifty percent of whom were being males.)

The reality that companies are responding to tension to modify their items implies that these anti-feminists are getting impact in a region that is now battling with gender concerns. The Firm for Financial Cooperation and Advancement suggests that South Korea has by far the biggest gender wage gap among OECD countries. And about 5% of board associates at publicly shown businesses in the state are women compared to the OECD average of virtually 27%.

A suspicious sausage

The on-line firestorm that has distribute across South Korea’s corporate landscape kicked off in Could with a very simple camping advertisement.

GS25, one particular of the country’s most important usefulness retailer chains, unveiled an advert that month attractive prospects to order tenting meals on their app, promising cost-free items as a reward. The advert confirmed an index finger and a thumb appearing to pinch a sausage. The finger-pinching motif is routinely applied in advertising and marketing as a way to keep an merchandise without obscuring the merchandise.

Critics, although, observed some thing distinctive in that hand signal. They accused it of currently being a code for feminist sympathies, tracing the use of the finger-pinching motif to 2015, when the symbol was co-opted by Megalia, a now-defunct feminist on line neighborhood, to ridicule the sizing of Korean men’s genitals.

Megalia has considering that shut down, but its logo has outlived the group. Now anti-feminists are trying to purge South Korea of its existence.

Resource: Megalia, @starbucksrtd/Instagram, @gs25_official/Instagram

GS25 removed the hand image from the poster. But critics nonetheless weren’t happy, and commenced trawling the advertisement for other feminist clues. A person man or woman pointed out that the last letter of each individual term highlighted on the poster — “Psychological Tenting Need to-have Merchandise” — spelled “Megal,” a shorthand for “Megalia,” when examine backward.

GS25 removed the textual content from the poster, but that nonetheless wasn’t plenty of. Folks theorized that even the moon in the qualifications of the poster was a feminist symbol, for the reason that a moon is utilised as the brand of a feminist scholar business in South Korea.

Right after revising the poster many periods, GS finally pulled it fully, just a day just after the marketing campaign released. The firm apologized and promised a better editorial system. It also explained it reprimanded the team liable for the ad, and eliminated the marketing and advertising staff chief.

The on the net mob experienced tasted success, and it desired far more.

Other providers and govt businesses soon turned targets. The on-line vogue retailer Musinsa was criticized for providing ladies-only special discounts, as nicely as applying the finger-pinching motif in an advert for a credit history card. The enterprise defended the use of that motif as a neutral factor consistently used in marketing, and claimed its price reduction program was meant to assistance broaden its tiny feminine client foundation. Nevertheless, founder and CEO Cho Man-ho stepped down soon after the backlash.

Dongsuh, the Korean company that licenses a Starbucks completely ready-to-consume line in the country, was attacked in July immediately after 1 of its Korean Instagram accounts printed an impression of fingers pinching a can of coffee. The company pulled the advertisement and apologized, declaring that it “considers these issues severely.” The company also claimed the image experienced no concealed intent.

Even neighborhood governments have been caught up in the pressure campaign. The Pyeongtaek city government was criticized in August soon after uploading an image to its Instagram account that warned inhabitants of a heatwave. It utilised an illustration of a farmer wiping his brow — and critics noticed that the farmer’s hand was formed similarly to the finger pinch.

“How deeply did [feminists] infiltrate?” 1 individual wrote on MLB Park, an web discussion board employed mainly by men. One more particular person shared contact information and facts for the town govt, encouraging men and women to flood their channels with grievances. The image was afterwards taken out from the Instagram account.

Gender wars

At the main of the anti-feminist marketing campaign is a popular concern among youthful men that they are slipping powering their woman peers, in accordance to Professor Park Ju-yeon, professor of sociology at Yonsei University.

The sentiment has developed because of a hyper aggressive task marketplace and skyrocketing housing prices. The authorities has also rolled out applications in current years to bring extra females into the workforce. Proponents of those people programs have explained they are required for closing gender gaps, but some adult males have concerned they give ladies an unfair advantage.
South Korea's President says he's a feminist. Three of his allies have been accused of sex crimes
An additional compounding variable: Compared with ladies, men in South Korea have to entire up to 21 months of army support ahead of they’re 28 decades outdated — a sore stage for some men who come to feel unfairly burdened.
Anti-feminists have also taken umbrage with President Moon Jae-in, who, when elected in 2017, promised to be a “feminist president.” Moon pledged to fix the systemic and cultural limitations that prevented women from taking part much more in the workforce. He also vowed to tackle sexual crimes in the wake of the world wide #MeToo motion.

This year’s corporate pressure campaign adds yet another complication, as makes weigh the attainable fallout.

Youthful adult males are “large spenders,” reported Professor Choi Jae-seob, a marketing and advertising professor at Namseoul University in Seoul. He extra that several youthful people now are driven by individual political values when they invest in items.

Ha, a 23-12 months-aged university college student, said he pays consideration to what businesses say about gender challenges prior to producing a buy.

“Among two stores, I would use the 1 that will not help [feminism],” claimed Ha, who declined to give his complete identify since he reported that gender is a thorny subject among his friends.

Ha explained he’s far from by yourself. When his mates have been speaking about the GS25 tenting poster, for example, he was stunned to find that many of them felt the way he did: “I recognized that several adult males ended up silently seething.”

“I understood that many males ended up silently seething.”Ha, a 23-year-aged university university student

The gender war leaves companies in a tough location, in accordance to Noh Yeong-woo, a marketing consultant at the general public relations company PR A single.

By not responding to allegations that they are taking a stance on gender troubles, that could guide to what Noh called a “continual barrage of accusation” and the generation of a stigma. It also suggests that organizations are actively checking on the net groups and finding out what their customers have selected as hidden codes or associations, to keep away from being called out.

“They are continuously examining for the up coming problematic symbols,” Noh said of brands in South Korea.

Stigmas and battling back again

Some women of all ages, though, say that the corporate apologies are also generating a weather in which some individuals are worried to detect as feminist.

“It truly is the new Crimson Scare. Like McCarthyism,” stated Yonsei University’s Park, referring to the mass hysteria to root out communists in the United States in the 1950s.

Lee Ye-rin, a university college student, said she has been a feminist considering that middle faculty. But in latest years she has located it unachievable to be open about her stance.

“It’s the new Crimson Scare. Like McCarthyism.”Professor Park Ju-yeon, professor of sociology at Yonsei College

She recalled an incident in substantial faculty, when some boys overtly heckled a feminist good friend of hers even though that buddy was giving a course presentation on the depiction of women in the media. Lee and her classmates have been far too frightened to protect the close friend.

“We all knew that a man or woman who would action up and say that feminism is not some odd thing would be stigmatized, far too,” Lee stated.

In reaction to this year’s anti-feminist strain campaigns, while, some feminists have been combating back again. The apology about the camping poster from GS25, for instance, prompted feminists to call for boycotts in opposition to the enterprise. Some folks shared photos on the web of on their own searching at rival outlets, working with hashtags that termed on men and women to prevent shopping at GS25.

Balancing act

As there would not look to be a great deal hope of finding center ground for those people waging South Korea’s gender war, authorities say businesses have to figure out techniques to prevent remaining dragged into a model-harming combat.

Noh, from PR A person, inspired providers and businesses to educate their staff members on gender sensitivity — and even rethink the use of symbols that have turn out to be seriously politicized.

Finger-pinching motifs “are illustrations or photos with complex metaphors and symbols and they previously have a social stigma,” he said. “So, after you get included in it, it is really tough to make clear them away … the concern keeps spreading right until they are eradicated as demanded.”

South Korea's glass ceiling: the women struggling to get hired by companies that only want men

Park, the Yonsei University professor, stated that aspect of the issue is that lots of South Korean businesses are led by more mature gentlemen who really don’t have a agency grasp of current-working day gender concerns. The typical age of an executive-amount staff at the country’s top rated 30 publicly traded firms is 53, in accordance to a 2020 examination by JobKorea, a Korean version of LinkedIn.

That implies a level of irony. Probably it’s not that some of these companies have a certain agenda, as online critics are accusing them. Potentially for some of them, substantial degrees of management are just not in tune with the discussion.

To Park, the vitriol directed at companies has also buried some of the underlying, systemic concerns that add to gender inequality, together with debates about how finest to crack the glass ceiling or address the division of labor at dwelling, amid other concerns.

“Some really essential debates are being buried,” Park stated, introducing that modern gender war is staying fought on the suggestion of the “iceberg.” “It really is not a fight about the fingers.”

— Jae Hee Jung, So-hyun An, So Jung Kim, and Soyeong Oh contributed to this report.

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Bridgerton's Phoebe Dynevor for Charlotte Tilbury + More Fashion News

Bridgerton’s Phoebe Dynevor for Charlotte Tilbury + More Fashion News

Images Courtesy of Charlotte Tilbury.

Which includes a new hair development serum for fuller brows, a silk sleeping mask for lash extensions and Insta-worthy bubble tub for your bébé.

Photography Courtesy of Charlotte Tilbury.

Bridgerton’s Phoebe Dynevor is Charlotte Tilbury’s new manufacturer ambassador

Superstar makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury introduced on Instagram this week that British actress Phoebe Dynevor, who performs Bridgerton’s Daphne Bridgerton, would be the festive star of her new holiday marketing campaign and the new confront of her considerably sought-soon after make-up line. She even divulged that Dynevor’s makeup artist employs her very best-advertising Pillow Speak lip color on set of Bridgerton to full Daphne’s British rose complexion. With her glittering new splendor campaign hitting outlets and year 2 of Bridergton set to premier on Netflix early subsequent calendar year, there is no doubt that Ms. Dynevor stays the diamond of the year.

Glossier introduces its first refillable eyeshadow palette

Impressed by notion that we usually gravitate towards the same shade on all of our other eyeshadow palettes, Glossier has released their 1st refillable eyeshadow palette, which features a person hue, 3 ways. Formulated devoid of fragrance, talc or mica (great for sensitive eyes), each individual of the 10 colourways capabilities a few finishes: matte, satin and metallic, so you can nevertheless spice up your look on Saturday evening, if require be. The tin compacts occur with a detachable mirror for touch-ups on the operate, and are also reusable (you can pop in new colours as your go) and recyclable.


Aveda Invati Brow Serum

A new brow thickening serum for more time, robust brows

Aveda’s well-known hair thickening line, Invati, launched in 2012 and primarily based off its good results, the model is releasing a Brow Thickening Serum, to aid you re-expand your brow hairs in as small as four weeks. (It was so significantly more quickly to pluck them.) Just in time for fall’s annual bushy eyebrow craze, the serum, designed to use after a day, consists of amla, an ayurvedic herb which has been used in India for hundreds of years to thicken hair, and Japanese knotwood to improve your hair’s keratin. It also contains caffeine and glycerin to address the skin underneath, to help you proficiently maintain your golden arches rising sturdy.


La Perla releases a new line of stunningly lavish and sustainable fragrances

Immediately after launching their initially signature floral fragrance this year, lush Italian lingerie manufacturer La Perla is back with 8 new breathtaking scents. Looking like they belong in only the chicest of signoras’ dressing rooms, the eaux de parfums are crafted from refillable, recycled glass and packaged in recyclable cartons. The multi-colored flacons are also reminiscent of the signature notes they include, these types of as the navy blue After On a Back garden bottle, which retains the sensual and earthy pink pepper and patchouli scent representing a “forbidden midnight tryst,” and is crowned with a light-weight pink topper to replicate its sweet pea heart note. Che bella.


Slip Silk Eye Mask

A new silk sleeping mask that guards your (faux) lashes

Whilst we hope those lengthy winter’s naps are even now quite off in the distance, it is under no circumstances a bad time to figure out how to get far more efficient natural beauty rest. Our initial tip? Obtain a stylish, silk encounter mask. This new just one from Slip is especially intelligent, since it is been designed with a contoured condition, which gives your lashes hundreds of space and ensures lash-extension and falsie fans alike can secure their precious fringe though they capture up on their zzz’s.

KylieBaby launches Insta-welcoming toddler goods for your mini-me

On the heels of announcing her 2nd being pregnant, Kylie Jenner has introduced a new line of toddler goods termed KylieBaby. The new variety contains pastel pink, blue and white toddler bathtub towels and travel bags (best even if your bébé doesn’t fly non-public), alongside with matching shampoo, conditioner, bubble bath, moisturizer, and a sweet mini brush and comb set. The formulation are crafted to be ultra child-welcoming, and are labelled vegan and hypoallergenic, as  gluten-, sulfate-, paraben- and fragrance-absolutely free.


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